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Ready to help us fight for truth, justice, and freedom from threat actors? Let’s get you suited up! 

What is Rubrik Guardians? 

Rubrik Guardians is an online community built exclusively for our customers to stay in-tune with industry news, share product knowledge, engage with fellow Rubrik customers, and earn rewards. 

Why should you join Rubrik Guardians?

The goal of Rubrik Guardians is to provide you with valuable resources that can help you succeed with Rubrik. Your participation will also help us improve your experience as a customer. And the best part is that you get rewarded along the way!

Benefits of Rubrik Guardians:

  • Enjoy early access to new features & help shape our product roadmap
  • Share tips, tricks, and best practices with other customers 
  • Stay up-to-date on Rubrik news, events, and education
  • Earn points for participation and redeem for rewards! 

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